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Title: Sistema electromiográfico (EMG) de telecontrol para pacientes con movilidad reducida
Author: Velasco del Val, Pedro
Director: Tuset-Peiro, Pere  
Tutor: Bécares Ferrés, Jordi
Keywords: Internet of things
remote control
Issue Date: 11-Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: For people with reduced mobility, and even more with complete immobilization, it is very difficult to do simple tasks, such as moving a vehicle or interacting with remote devices, but they are usually able to move some muscles, which can be exploited with a myoelectric system. A myoelectric or electromyographic system (EMG) is one capable of detecting, by means of electrodes, the electrical impulses generated by the muscles when contracting or relaxing, and treating those impulses to perform actions based on the obtained signals. In this project, a telecontrol solution based on electrodes, an EMG detection system and an MSP432P401R module is proposed to generate different messages that will be used to interact with a device, for example a vehicle, using the movements of the facial muscles. These messages will be sent to a web server that can be accessed from a web client, creating and embedded and connected system. The result is a small and portable embedded system, capable of detecting 6 facial movements and sending them to a server that can be accessed from any device to view them through a web browser or to subscribe using the MQTT protocol and use these movements for any application.
Language: Spanish
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