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Title: Aproximació a les fonts sobre la biblioteca del convent de Sant Agustí de Barcelona
Author: Toldrà Sabaté, Maria
Tutor: Badell Guijarro, Joan Isidre
Keywords: bibliographic heritage
Catalan literature
library catalogues
monastic libraries
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This work is in line with research into the collections of Barcelona's convent libraries which, following the confiscation of 1835, led to the creation of the city's Provincial and University Library. The work focuses on a specific case, neglected by the bibliography: the bookshop or library of the convent of St. Augustine in Barcelona, which in the first third of the 19th century was the second largest in terms of volume of books among those of its kind. After presenting the little news available about the existence of libraries at the medieval convent of San Agustín Vell and, above all, at the New Convent, inaugurated in 1750, the main source for the study of the bookshop of the new convent is analysed: the old catalogues. Two aspects of the collection described in these catalogues are analysed: the presence of writers of the order and manuscripts and old editions by Catalan authors. They are a good example of the dual function of convent libraries: to highlight the community's contribution to the cultural history of the order and to safeguard materials that, well into the 19th century, will be integrated into the concept of national bibliographic heritage. The following is an attempt to locate the books that have survived from the Augustinian library. Most of them are at the CRAI Universitat de Barcelona (Biblioteca de Reserva), but an important part of the codices passed to the Real Academia de Buenas Letras de Barcelona, which shared premises in San Juan de Jerusalén with the rest of the confiscated conventual collections. The location of the books is based on the tools offered by the digital resources of the aforementioned CRAI and on documentary databases on manuscripts. Finally, an overview is given of the archival sources likely to provide new information on the library of San Agustín, with special attention to the remains of the former convent archive, now the Archives of the Crown of Aragon.
Language: Catalan
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