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Title: La virtualització de la formació preventiva (e-Learning) en l'àmbit de la ergonomia i psicosociologia en entorns salons recreatius
Author: Rosset Verge, Joan
Florensa Guiu, Rosa  
Abstract: Ergonomically, workers suffer accidents due to physical overheating on the skeletal muscle system, which represents a high percentage of all the accidents in our country, so they need detailed analysis, study and investigation. Each year, the INSSBT, through the Working Conditions State Observatory (OECT), deals with this matter, among other strategies, with systematic studies of work accident reports reported for over-efforts. The objective of this Master's Final Project is the training of the worker about the risks involved in the manipulation of loads that involve risks of back pain, using as reference the Royal Decree 487/1997 of April 14. Also, the use of data display screens (PVD) entails the necessity for the worker to be trained and informed for the use of this equipment against the most common risks such as musculoskeletal disorders, visual problems and fatigue mental. The probability that these disorders appear is directly related to the frequency and duration of work periods in front of the screen and the intensity and degree of care required by the task. Royal Decree 488/1997 of April 14 gives us the criteria and recommendations on the minimum requirements of occupational health and safety which include the use of data display screens. Another very important and not less important issue in this work is the possibility that a worker suffers a certain damage derived from the work, and as a working condition, any characteristic that can have a significant influence on the generation of risks for the safety and health of the worker, between the risks that can be found the worker are those risks of the work related to their organization and ordering and the stresses that are characteristics called psychosocial factors. All the factors that surround the workplace and its design, knowing that it is the workplace that must be adapted to the person and not the person to the workplace, physical elements are also included as noises, luminosity, air quality, vibrations, humidity, heat, etc. which are part of the ecosystem that surrounds the worker. Finally, the Master's Final Project in Ergonomics and Psychosociology is divided into three blocks: a) The conceptualization of a virtualized learning environment. b) The sections of a training and information course where the risks of workers in the field of Recreational Halls are revealed. A practical case of analysis is the risks for that employees of Recruiting Halls may suffer.
Keywords: ergonomics
virtualized training
Type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: 15-Jan-2020
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