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Title: Gestión del tráfico mediante UAV y VLC
Author: Garau Guzmán, Javier
Director: Monzo Sánchez, Carlos
Tutor: Monzón Baeza, Víctor
Keywords: UAV
traffic management
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Smart Cities are one of the great solutions to improve the planet's environmental conditions by making use of ICT. Under this framework, one of the problems of large cities is traffic. At this work, we will seek to obtain an automated traffic management system that allows to modify traffic lights according to the congestion of the road, allowing to maintain the privacy of the users. The solution includes the detection of congestion through an UAV network, through image taking and processing, after which it determines if there is congestion and notifying the associated traffic light to allow the passage of vehicles. In the same way, an UAV in charge of supervising the UAVs that take photographs is notified, which will be called a supervisor UAV that will act as a link between the base station and the other UAVs. In this way, it will be an agile traffic management system capable of adapting according on the quantity or flow of it. Currently there are some traffic management solutions with UAVs depending on their status using RF technology, but with the arrival of 5G, a release of the electromagnetic spectrum is required since it is saturated. Due to this new frequency bands should be sought, such as visible light.
Language: Spanish
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