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Title: La crisi dels Euromíssils de 1983. La bel·ligerància nord-americana i el pànic soviètic a l'inici de la Segona Guerra Freda
Author: Sisó Castellano, Cristian
Tutor: Berger Mulattieri, Gonzalo  
Abstract: This work seeks to distinguish whether the Euromissile Crisis of the early 1980s provoked Soviet panic, believing that a US nuclear attack was imminent. We pay attention to the steps that led to the last serious crisis, between the Russian Federation and the United States, to understand how current events could unfold, once both nuclear powers have abandoned the INF treaty. To understand how dangerous an arms escalation is, the research points to some political and military indicators that clearly affected the Soviet Union. It also seeks to prove international responsibility for the severe crisis that culminated in the fall of 1983, during the Able Archer ¿83 manoeuvres, and its repercussions. The results are enlightening enough to create alarm indicators that can point out possible mistakes made during current events. Finally, we can see where future research should be applied in the field in order to improve the results, which can certainly provide a lot of value.
Keywords: Cold War
War Scare
Pershing II
Able Archer
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis
Issue Date: 12-Dec-2020
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