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Title: Developing fluency and motivation through vlogging outside the EFL classroom
Author: Picher Gollart, Clara
Tutor: Ruiz Tada, Marina
Keywords: vlogging
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In this day and age, there are several factors that make engaging in speaking activities in the classroom a challenging task (Tanveer, 2007; Al-Seghayer, 2014). Therefore, to prevent these difficulties, one of the alternatives EFL teachers can adopt is vlogging, which consists in filming yourself while narrating your thoughts or daily experiences and then publishing it on the internet. Vlogging can be used in and outside the EFL classroom as an opportunity to create an authentic and meaningful atmosphere filled with opportunities to use the language creatively through collaboration (Astriani, Lio and Badara, 2017). This study addresses is vlogging and its implications on fluency and motivation in the EFL classroom. Additionally, it aims to demonstrate that through vlogging: (1) the learners' oral fluency can be enhanced; and (2) EFL students will be more motivated to creatively convey their ideas and thoughts by producing L2 output. To tackle with these aims, Instagram was chosen as the social networking platform to accommodate the speaking practices of 5 adults (ages 21 to 25), whose L1 is Catalan, with a B1 English level (CEFR), throughout a month. The instruments used to analyse the results obtained are: a pre and post oral production tests, the vlogging tasks assessed by teachers, and a self-motivation questionnaire. After having carried out the implementation, it can be concluded that by means of vlogging, knowledge has been internalised (Bonk and Cunningham, 1998); student talk time has increased (Huang, 2015; Watkins, 2012), and their L2 proficiency has been enhanced (Iqbal Ali Akbar Hakim, 2016).
Language: English
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