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Title: Evaluación neuropsicológica e intervención grupal en la enfermedad de Alzheimer
Author: Pérez Sáez, Enrique
Tutor: Campabadal Delgado, Anna  
Keywords: neurocognitive disorder
alzheimers disease
cognitive stimulation
neurocognitive disorder
Issue Date: 25-Jan-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This paper presents five real cases of people with Alzheimer's disease, three women and two men, aged between 81 and 95 years. Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative syndrome that affects cognitive functioning, behavior, and emotional state, interfering with the ability to cognitive functioning, behavior and emotional state, interfering with the ability to live an independent life. Symptoms usually appear in older people older people and consist of an initial impairment of recent episodic memory, with a progressive evolution affecting all cognitive functions. The five patients presented in this work show a moderate cognitive impairment characterized by severe cognitive impairment characterized by severe impairment of recent memory together with deficits in orientation, executive functions, verbal fluency and constructive praxias. The assessment also showed moderate dependence in activities of daily living and mild neuropsychiatric symptomatology. The main objective of the intervention is to promote the preserved abilities in order to try to maintain the patient's current state, slowing down the progression of the deterioration, as well as its negative psychological and behavioral consequences. The intervention consists of a 6-month multicomponent program that includes: a) Cognitive stimulation (2 weekly group sessions of 60 minutes); b) Counseling and psychoeducation program for the patient, including b) Counseling and psychoeducation program for family members (one 60-minute session per month during the first five months). The cognitive stimulation program uses strategies to optimize preserved functions and restore altered ones, through thematic sessions where discussions and activities for general and specific stimulation of cognitive functions are developed.
Language: Spanish
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