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Title: Evaluación e intervención neuropsicológica en un caso de trastorno del aprendizaje no verbal (TANV)
Author: Balbás Sánchez-Aguilera, Sara
Tutor: Turón Viñas, Marc
Keywords: cognitive stimulation
neuropsychological intervention
Issue Date: Jan-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: L.R.C. is a 12-year-old patient diagnosed with nonverbal learning disorder (NLSD), presenting perceptual, executive, attentional and pragmatic difficulties, affecting the emotional, social and academic areas. NLSD is a learning disorder characterized by a good performance of verbal functions, and a deficient performance of perceptual, motor executive and attentional processes. Difficulties increase as the demands of the environment and the patient's awareness of deficits increase, thus the implications are reflected at the academic, social and emotional levels. There is no scientific consensus on NAD, so it is not classified in the main diagnostic manuals. The scarcity of studies and scientific consensus prevents the correct assessment and diagnosis of the disorder and no consensus intervention plans are established. The neuropsychological evaluation shows alterations in the processing of spatial information and difficulties in perceptual reasoning. There is a disjective picture accompanied by alterations in complex attentional abilities. The proposed neuropsychological intervention has as its main objective to improve L.R.C.'s cognitive and academic performance, followed by increasing her level of self-esteem and self-concept and establishing satisfactory social relationships. An intervention plan is proposed consisting of 2 weekly sessions (one in person and the other autonomous at home), of 50 minutes during 6 months. The work is based on rehabilitation and compensation of the function, with computerized activities, pencil and paper worksheets and board games. After the intervention, a significant improvement in cognitive performance is expected.
Language: Spanish
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