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Title: Web application for the study of the relationship between obesity and intestinal microbiome based on PubMed text mining
Author: Torrent Ample, Neus
Tutor: Astrid Rebrij, Romina
Others: Perez-Navarro, Antoni  
Abstract: Worldwide, the prevalence of obesity has reached epidemic proportions. The global obesity epidemic continues its relentless advance, currently affecting >2 billion people. Over the last decade, 227 genetic variants involved in different biological pathways and distortion of the normal microbial balance have been associated with obesity and other metabolic diseases. Text mining techniques were applied from the biomedical literature, specifically PubMed abstracts, in order to develop an interactive web application, METAVOLIKOS, to study the relationship of genes and intestinal microbiome in patients with obesity and other metabolic diseases. Concretely, the relationship between terms was studied through latent semantic analysis and subsequent cosine similarity. The work pipeline will be integrated into the development of the web application using the Shiny package of R. A relationship has been inferred from publications on metabolic diseases where articles that include the term ¿Obesity¿ or explicitly the related gene or bacteria are not necessarily included. So, this work shows how latent semantic analysis can shed light to create new research hypotheses. The main two genes already related with different metabolic diseases were TG and HR. Moreover, genes RBP4 and TF were presented as potentially related with obesity and are good candidates to study their relation in patients with obesity. Most related bacteria population with obesity and others related metabolic diseases are lactobacillus, bacterioides and firmicutes. METAVOLIKOS is a text mining application that is easily adaptable and usable by bench scientists, which inspires to develop new research lines.
Keywords: data mining
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2022
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