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Title: El derecho a la salud. Un análisis desde el concepto de justicia social de Nancy Fraser
Author: Padilla Bernáldez, Javier
Tutor: Muntadas Figueras, Borja
Keywords: justice
Nancy Fraser
right to health
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The right to health is an emerging concept that has received much attention in recent decades due to the concatenation of different phenomena that have an impact on individual and collective health (globalization, economic crisis, COVID- 19 pandemic). While most of the theoretical justifications of the right to health have been based on ethics and the individual, this paper attempts to approach this right from the perspective of social justice and in a complex manner, through the union of an individual right linked to the right to health care, and a collective right related to the right to public health. To this end, Nancy Fraser's theorization of the concept of social justice is analyzed, based on the different dimensions of injustice that Fraser describes (economic or derived from poor distribution, cultural or due to lack of recognition, and political or created by a failed or absent representation), as well as the interactions between them. From this perspective, the right to health should include those conditions that enable individuals and communities to develop their health, free from oppression, and not only the services and benefits related to those aspects closest to the health system. Furthermore, in the analysis of the who in the right to health, different issues are raised, such as the need to use demarcation criteria that are not simply geographical, as well as the need to broaden, delimit and reframe the consideration in terms of justice in health of the role given to nature and non-human animals. Finally, the paper stresses the establishment of mechanisms for participation in health that facilitate the resolution of political injustices, especially relevant in social and political contexts of questioning individual rights and global governance problems in the collective aspects of the right to health.
Language: Spanish
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