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Title: Traducción médica psiquiátrica: la influencia del inglés como lingua franca en la divulgación de la salud mental y los niveles de especialización. Estudio del cómic Arrugas
Author: Mingarro Pardos, David
Tutor: Rodríguez Martínez, Manuel Cristóbal  
Abstract: English is the lingua franca of scientific communication, so translation plays a fundamental role in society as a means of disseminating scientific information at an international level, related to, for example, mental health. Normally, texts related to this scientific dissemination are associated with a high level of specialization. with a high level of specialization, but in order to reach a lay audience it is necessary to use different linguistic varieties that depend on the context and the interlocutors; to achieve this, a study is carried out in the present work in which the translation of texts with English influences (anglicisms) and different levels of specialization is analyzed. Then, as the main study, an analysis of the comic book Wrinkles and its translation into English is carried out, since this genre has the necessary qualities to achieve an adequate dissemination, taking into account that the communicative maxims necessary for a full understanding are fulfilled. The study shows that despite being a reverse translation, English continues to influence Spanish more than the other way around. The level of specialization can be adapted, but there is no clear defining line. And that the comic book format brings more advantages than disadvantages, such as the lack of terminological density. There is an influence of the lingua franca in the common and scientific Spanish language. The levels of specialization are different and diffuse. And that the comic has as a great ally the visual medium to express ideas, sometimes implicitly.
Keywords: mental health
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jun-2022
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