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Title: Eficacia de las terapias dialectico-conductual y cognitivo-conductual como tratamiento específico para la desregulación emocional en adolescentes con TDA/H
Author: Pérez Marín, Raquel
Tutor: Montejo, Laura  
Others: Nuño, Neus  
Keywords: psychological treatments
Issue Date: 23-Dec-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: ADHD affects between 2.5-4% of the adolescents, and although there is evidence of ED as an associated symptom, there are not established treatments for the pathology, preventing long-term changes and worsening the quality of life of patients. This is a quasi-experimental cross-sectional research project, with test-retest measures and control group, also longitudinal post-treatment follow-up. It has two objectives: to demonstrate the positive effects of individual psychotherapy on ED in ADHD in adolescence, and to test whether the inclusion of DBT or CBT, as an add-on treatment to TAU. A purposive sample of 209 participants aged 15 years from Barcelona is going to be selected, distributed in 2 experimental groups and 1 control group. They will be assessed with the CADAH, FDS and DERS scales one month before and after treatment. Longitudinal observation was also carried out at one year and two years after treatment. Confirming the hypotheses would show the importance of including individual psychotherapy in the treatment of ADHD to address ED and improve quality of life. In addition, demonstrating the functionality of CBT and DBT could open the door to future research to establish these treatments as a possible intervention indicated in ADHD. Notable limitations of the project are the lack of agreement on specific ED symptoms in ADHD, and the lack of previous evidence on the efficacy of DBT in ADHD. At the level of external validity, the non-probabilistic sampling prevents the generalisation of results to the population.
Language: Spanish
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