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Title: Estudio e intervención para adecuar la planificación de RRHH en filtros de seguridad de aeropuertos
Author: Martínez Giménez, Juan
Tutor: López Cabrales, Álvaro  
Abstract: The reason for carrying out this master's degree project has an objective first and it is the goal of being useful to carry out the interests of the company, the internal client (management and employees), the client who hires us (meet their expectations) and of the user/passenger customer as the end customer. The work has the data from the PMI airport as the origin and destination of the intervention, regardless of whether it can be extrapolated to any airport in the Aena network or another external one. Aena has excellent quality services and safety as an inalienable principle (Law 18/2014). Thus, it is easy to deduce that achieving these goals is indicative that productivity levels will have increased, that the increase in efficiency will save costs and entails greater sustainability and finally, it is not a trivial matter nor should it come last as a priority. , lies an improvement in the conditions of workers. Discovering how to convert information into knowledge is key to making strategic decisions in the Human Resources department. One of the great challenges is data management. The assertion that "information is power" today is more true than ever, since in the midst of communication and hyperconnectivity the area of control and management of Human Resources is no exception. An organization can be data rich and information poor if it does not know how to identify, summarize and categorize data (Madnick, 1993). Which translates into that the mere accumulation of data is insufficient, these data have to be analyzed turning them into information and that they are sources of knowledge. In this case, knowledge is not only data and statistics, it is also experience in this area, company values and judging the data based on the most convenient strategic objectives.
Keywords: fixed discontinuous
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: 24-Jun-2023
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