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Title: Enhancing english oral skills through student-created podcasts: an innovative teaching proposal addressed to 6th graders in primary education
Author: Cabrero Sancho, Natàlia
Abstract: This Master's Thesis explores the creation of podcasts as a pedagogical proposal for enhancing oral skills and integrating technology in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom, particularly targeting Primary Education students. Oral proficiency is fundamental in language acquisition, yet poses challenges for young learners due to time constraints, occasional demotivation, and lack of confidence. Through collaborative podcast creation, this project aims to not only improve oral proficiency but also foster digital literacy. Emphasizing Project-Based Learning, the initiative engages sixth-grade students in reviewing content, refining oral expression, and utilizing digital tools. By integrating language learning, collaboration, and technology, this study seeks to empower students, enhancing oral communication and digital competencies. Evaluation of the project's outcomes sheds light on its potential as a valuable pedagogical tool for language education. This Final Master's Thesis focuses on the creation of podcasts by Primary Education students as a means of developing oral skills and integrating technology into the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom. Developing oral skills is crucial for language learning, but it can be challenging, especially for younger learners. The development of essential communication skills is impeded by the constraints of classroom time, occasional student demotivation, and a lack of confidence in expressing themselves orally. This project emphasizes collaboration among peers and leverages technology to not only improve oral proficiency but also contribute to the development of digital literacy. The process of creating a podcast encourages students to review previously covered content while honing their oral expression skills and immersing themselves in the use of digital tools. Simultaneously, the project follows a Project-Based Learning approach, targeting a group of sixth-grade students. By integrating language learning, collaborative work, and technology, this proposal aims to empower students to actively participate in their learning process. Through creating podcasts, students can engage in meaningful language practice, building confidence and proficiency in oral communication while concurrently developing valuable digital competencies. Consequently, this study explores the outcomes and implications of incorporating podcast creation into language education, shedding light on its potential as a pedagogical tool for oral skill development and digital literacy enhancement.
Keywords: podcast
oral expression
Project-based learning
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jan-2024
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