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dc.contributor.authorBalboa Castells, Raquel -
dc.contributor.authorAhufinger, Nadia-
dc.contributor.authorFerinu, Laura-
dc.contributor.authorCastilla-Earls, Anny-
dc.contributor.authorAndreu, Llorenç-
dc.contributor.authorSanz-Torrent, Mònica-
dc.identifier.citationBalboa-Castells, R. [Raquel], Ahufinger, N. [Nadia], Ferinu, L. [Laura], Castilla-Earls, A. [Anny], Andreu, L. [Llorenç], & Sanz-Torrent, M. [Mònica] (2024). Grammatical correction and morphological productivity tasks as potential identifiers of developmental language disorder in Spanish-Catalan bilingual children: a pilot study. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 1–23.
dc.description.abstractA critical problem for Catalan-Spanish bilinguals is the lack of assessment tools to conduct valid and accurate oral language evaluations. The purpose of this preliminary study was to provide pilot data for a new potential assessment tool in Catalan. We examined the possibility that two novel tasks, a grammatical correction (GramCorr) and morphological productivity (MP; nonword and word subtasks), could differentiate between Catalan-speaking children with and without developmental language disorder (DLD) with good diagnostic accuracy. Twenty-seven school-aged children with DLD (Mage = 9;1 years) and twenty-seven age/sex-matched typically developing (TD) children (Mage = 9;0 years) participated in the study. Group differences and diagnostic accuracy analyses (sensitivity and specificity and likelihood ratios) were conducted. Results showed that the overall accuracy of children with DLD was significantly poorer than that of the TD controls in the two tasks. The preliminary diagnostic accuracy results suggested that the overall test (GramCorr+MP) could be useful in identifying children with DLD (cut-off point 62.1%; sensitivity (.929)/specificity (.893); +LH (8.67)/-LH (0.80). Moreover, the overall MP task (nonword + word subtasks; cut-off point 60%; sensitivity (.897)/specificity (.931), +LH (13.00)/-LH (0.111)) appears to provide adequate information to help in detecting DLD. The nature of both tasks, their usefulness for practitioners and future steps in the design of valid tools for the identification of Catalan speaking children with DLD are discussed.en
dc.publisherTaylor and Francisca
dc.relation.ispartofClinical Linguistics & Phoneticsca
dc.rightsCC BY-NC-
dc.subjectdevelopmental language disorderen
dc.subjectgrammatical correctionen
dc.subjectmorphological productivityen
dc.subjectassessment toolsen
dc.subjectdiagnostic accuracyen
dc.titleGrammatical correction and morphological productivity tasks as potential identifiers of developmental language disorder in Spanish-Catalan bilingual children: a pilot studyca
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