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Title: Solving NP-Hard Challenges in Logistics and Transportation under General Uncertainty Scenarios Using Fuzzy Simheuristics
Author: Juan, Angel A.  
Rabe, Markus  
Ammouriova, Majsa  
Panadero, Javier  
Peidro, David  
Riera Terrén, Daniel  
Citation: Juan, A. A. [Angel A], Rabe, M. [Markus], Ammouriova, M. [Majsa], Panadero, J. [Javier], Peidro, D. [David] & Riera, D. [Daniel]. (2023). Solving NP-Hard Challenges in Logistics and Transportation under General Uncertainty Scenarios Using Fuzzy Simheuristics. Algorithms, 16(12). doi: 10.3390/a16120570
Abstract: In the field of logistics and transportation (L&T), this paper reviews the utilization of simheuristic algorithms to address NP-hard optimization problems under stochastic uncertainty. Then, the paper explores an extension of the simheuristics concept by introducing a fuzzy layer to tackle complex optimization problems involving both stochastic and fuzzy uncertainties. The hybrid approach combines simulation, metaheuristics, and fuzzy logic, offering a feasible methodology to solve large-scale NP-hard problems under general uncertainty scenarios. These scenarios are commonly encountered in L&T optimization challenges, such as the vehicle routing problem or the team orienteering problem, among many others. The proposed methodology allows for modeling various problem components—including travel times, service times, customers’ demands, or the duration of electric batteries—as deterministic, stochastic, or fuzzy items. A cross-problem analysis of several computational experiments is conducted to validate the effectiveness of the fuzzy simheuristic methodology. Being a flexible methodology that allows us to tackle NP-hard challenges under general uncertainty scenarios, fuzzy simheuristics can also be applied in fields other than L&T.
Keywords: logistics and transportation
fuzzy logic
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Issue Date: 16-Dec-2023
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