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Title: Beyond Weisfeiler–Lehman with Local Ego-Network Encodings
Author: Alvarez-Gonzalez, Nurudin  
Kaltenbrunner, Andreas  
Gómez, Vicenç  
Citation: Alvarez-Gonzalez, N, [Nurudin], Kaltenbrunner, A. [Andreas], Gómez, V. [Vicenç]. (2023). Beyond Weisfeiler–Lehman with Local Ego-Network Encodings. Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction, 5(4). doi: 10.3390/make5040063
Abstract: Identifying similar network structures is key to capturing graph isomorphisms and learning representations that exploit structural information encoded in graph data. This work shows that ego networks can produce a structural encoding scheme for arbitrary graphs with greater expressivity than the Weisfeiler–Lehman (1-WL) test. We introduce IGEL, a preprocessing step to produce features that augment node representations by encoding ego networks into sparse vectors that enrich message passing (MP) graph neural networks (GNNs) beyond 1-WL expressivity. We formally describe the relation between IGEL and 1-WL, and characterize its expressive power and limitations. Experiments show that IGEL matches the empirical expressivity of state-of-the-art methods on isomorphism detection while improving performance on nine GNN architectures and six graph machine learning tasks.
Keywords: graph neural networks
graph representation learning
graph isomorphism
GNN expressivity
ego networks
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Issue Date: 22-Sep-2023
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