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dc.contributor.authorMegias, David-
dc.contributor.authorDomingo-Ferrer, Josep-
dc.identifier.citationDavid Megías; Josep Domingo-Ferrer (2014) "Privacy-Aware Peer-toPeer Content Distribution Using Automatically Recombined Fingerprints". Multimedia Systems, 20 (2), 105-125. ISSN: 0942-4962.-
dc.description.abstractMulticast distribution of content is not suited to content-based electronic commerce because all buyers obtain exactly the same copy of the content, in such a way that unlawful redistributors cannot be traced. Unicast distribution has the shortcoming of requiring one connection with each buyer, but it allows the merchant to embed a different serial number in the copy obtained by each buyer, which enables redistributor tracing. Peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution is a third option which may combine some of the advantages of multicast and unicast: on the one hand, the merchant only needs unicast connections with a few seed buyers, who take over the task of further spreading the content; on the other hand, if a proper fingerprinting mechanism is used, unlawful redistributors of the P2P distributed content can still be traced. In this paper, we propose a novel fingerprinting mechanism for P2P content distribution which allows redistributor tracing, while preserving the privacy of most honest buyers and offering collusion resistance and buyer frameproofness.en
dc.description.abstractEn este trabajo se propone un nuevo mecanismo de toma de huellas digitales para la distribución de contenidos P2P que permite el rastreo del redistribuidor, preservando al mismo tiempo la privacidad de los compradores más
dc.description.abstractEn aquest treball es proposa un nou mecanisme de presa d'empremtes digitals per a la distribució de continguts P2P que permet el rastreig del redistribuïdor, preservant al mateix temps la privacitat dels compradors més
dc.subjectpeer-to-peer content distributionen
dc.subjectanonymous fingerprintingen
dc.subjectrecombination fingerprintingen
dc.subjectdistribución de contenidos de igual a iguales
dc.subjectdistribució de continguts d'igual a igualca
dc.subjecttoma de huellas dactilares anónimaes
dc.subjectpresa d'empremtes dactilars anònimaca
dc.subjectcol · lusió resistentca
dc.subjectcolusión resistentees
dc.subjectrecombinación de toma de huellases
dc.subjectrecombinació de presa d'empremtesca
dc.subjectpresa d'empremtes dactilarsca
dc.subjecttoma de huellas dactilareses
dc.subject.lcshComputer securityen
dc.titlePrivacy-aware peer-to-peer content distribution using automatically recombined fingerprints-
dc.audience.mediatorTheme areas::Computer Science, Technology and Multimediaen
dc.subject.lemacSeguretat informàticaca
dc.subject.lcshesSeguridad informáticaes
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