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dc.contributor.authorParada Medina, Raúl-
dc.contributor.authorMelià-Seguí, Joan-
dc.contributor.otherUniversità degli Studi di Padova-
dc.contributor.otherUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)-
dc.identifier.citationParada Medina, R. & Melià Seguí, J. (2017). Gesture detection using passive RFID tags to enable people-centric IoT applications. IEEE Communications Magazine, 55(2), 56-61. doi: 10.1109/MCOM.2017.1600701CM-
dc.description.abstractOur society may enhance and create new services in a people-centric IoT context through the exchange of information with sensor devices. Unfortunately, communication and services may be compromised due to a number of factors including unreliable communication, complexity, and security threats like spoofing. Within the technologies involved in the IoT paradigm, passive RFID allows the inventorying of simple objects toward wireless communication with a low-cost investment. We present a solution to increase the personalization of IoT applications and services (e.g., accessing a restricted area with a contact- less card) by detecting people-object gestures with an accelerometer-enabled passive RFID tag. We demonstrate the feasibility of our proposal by achieving a precision of 85 percent in people-object gestures classification. As a future task, we aim to implement it in a real scenario.en
dc.publisherIEEE Communications Magazine-
dc.relation.ispartofIEEE Communications Magazine, 2017, 55(2)-
dc.rightsCC BY-NC-ND-
dc.subjectgesture detectionen
dc.subjectpassive RFID tagsen
dc.subjectpeople centric IoT applicationsen
dc.subjectinformation exchangeen
dc.subjectsensor devicesen
dc.subjectunreliable communicationen
dc.subjectsecurity threatsen
dc.subjectdetecció de gestosca
dc.subjectdetección de gestoses
dc.subjectetiquetas RFID pasivases
dc.subjectetiquetes RFID passivesca
dc.subjectaplicacions de l'Internet de les coses centrades en les personesca
dc.subjectaplicaciones del Internet de las cosas centradas en las personases
dc.subjectintercanvi d'informacióca
dc.subjectintercambio de informaciónes
dc.subjectdispositius de sensorsca
dc.subjectdispositivos de sensoreses
dc.subjectcomunicació poc fiableca
dc.subjectcomunicación poco fiablees
dc.subjectamenazas de seguridades
dc.subjectamenaces de seguretatca
dc.subject.lcshInternet of thingsen
dc.titleGesture detection using passive RFID tags to enable people-centric IoT applicationsen
dc.audience.mediatorTheme areas::Computer Science, Technology and Multimediaen
dc.subject.lemacInternet de les cosesca
dc.subject.lcshesInternet de las cosases
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