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Title: Global Service Desk: desenvolupament d'una base de dades de suport per a un sistema gestor d'incidències
Author: Galan Gil, Joaquim
Tutor: Ferrer Durán, Jordi
Others: Guitart Hormigo, María Isabel
Keywords: Global service desk
incidents managemet system
Oracle 11g
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Global Service Desk -GSD for short- is an issue manager developed entirely with Oracle 11g for an international company, with branches in different countries. Main features of this application are the creation of properly typed issues, an effective mechanism to control changes using a log table, the possibility of interacting with users by sending messages and a statistical queries engine, developed with system performance in mind. The methodology applied to develop this project has been the classical life cycle, which clearly identifies four different phases: requirements, analysis, development and testing (maintenance is considered out of scope for this project). In practice, however, this classical approach has demonstrate to be excessively rigid and inflexible in front of changes, so the student believes now that it would be preferible to choose a more modern methodology, such as agile or scrum. The resulting artifacts of this project are a serie of PL/SQL scripts that originate all the necessary BD objects, with the self-contained functionality to meet all the identified requirements. It also generates a minimal dataset, suffice to test the main characteristics of the application, with especially emphasis in the section of statistical queries. This project has allowed us to study in depth the necessary requirements to successfully implement an issue manager and also to understand the inherent complexity of handling large volumes of data in a Data warehouse environment.
Language: Catalan
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