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Title: La estrategia de comunicación en Twitter de las ONGD españolas
Author: Gonzalez Moriano, Jose Ramón
Tutor: Pérez Gómez, Aura Patricia
Keywords: NGO
social networks
communication strategy
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In recent years, the popularization of Twitter has allowed Spanish NonGovernmental Development Organizations (NGOs) to communicate with their stakeholders in a direct and personalized way, so that this social network has become a fundamental channel for these institutions. However, without an effective communication strategy, there is no causal relationship between the effort of organizations to communicate and the impact their messages obtain. The objective of this paper is to find out the way Spanish NGOs plan, develop and measure their communication strategy on Twitter. This question is fundamental to understand organizations' communication objectives on Twitter and evaluate if the impact of their actions is related to their aspirations and their resources. The methodology used to address this objective has consisted of a study of the metrics on Twitter of 68 Spanish NGOs for one year and 21 interviews with ONGs Twitter managers to find out how they plan, implement and measure their communication strategies. The analyzed data shows that only 5% of Spanish NGOs do not have a defined objective in this social network and that, although the formal planning of communication strategies on Twitter is still not a majority among Spanish organizations, this fact does not seem to be an obstacle to implement and measure their actions getting a positive impact. It is concluded that the communication leaders of the Spanish NGOs, supported by the organization and with enough resources, are giving way to social media specialists who rely more on information-oriented strategies than on interaction-based approaches with their users. Taking this into account, it is recommended to encourage the creation of specific communication strategies on Twitter that include tools for participation and conversation with the audience to encourage donations or participation in events and volunteer programs.
Language: Spanish
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