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Title: planificando un nuevo servicio de marketing digital
Author: Coro Zhimnay, Maria Azucena
Tutor: Muñoz Leiva, Francisco
Keywords: seo services
social media
web analytics
digital marketing
competitive advantages
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Mc María Coro is a digital Marketing agency that sells specialized services in SEO, Social Media and Web Analytics. Despite the fact that the center of its activity is the sale of the aforementioned services, the company focuses its attention on training and instructing users by publishing content related to its services and the main digital marketing tools using its corporate blog with domain The company blog is structured like a website since it includes additional pages where users can contact the company and request a quote for the purchase of services. Despite this, the company has included in one of its actions, the creation of a website with a ccTDL geographic top level domain. In this way, it improves organic positioning with local SEO strategies. The services to be marketed cover the needs of end consumers such as Microenterprises and SMEs in Spain, offering them a quality service at a very competitive price and with the added value of being a company adapted to the size and needs of the client. The competitive advantages of the services are based on differentiation, human capital, the use of innovative technologies for pampering, personalized attention, fluid and two-way communication with clients, a digital company, and focused on the client. This digital Marketing plan has allowed to know the business opportunities and growth that the company can obtain through the knowledge of its weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities discovered through the analysis of the external and internal environment in which the company is developed. business. The analysis carried out has shown the current situation in which the company finds itself and through which specific and general digital marketing objectives will be designed that make it much more competitive. In the digital Marketing plan, the target audience to which all the actions will be carried out has been defined strategically and based on criteria of segmentation and development of buyer personas, to subsequently carry out the definition of the digital Marketing strategy. and develop actions tactically and based on them, establish a program of actions to follow. The profitability of the shares has been analyzed, obtaining a very encouraging ROI and ROAS that shows the obtaining of income much higher than the costs invested in the shares. In addition, it has been possible to detect much cheaper and fully established actions in all phases of Customer Journey Map as priorities and towards which a contingency plan has been made if the time comes, they do not achieve the established objectives. Finally, and visually, summary sheets have been drawn up of all the actions by channels as well as their key aspects to determine their viability. The analysis carried out has provided clear evidence of how the application of the strategies and implementation of the actions of the Digital Marketing plan provide income higher than the invested costs as well as the achievement of the predefined objectives in each phase of the funnel.
Language: Spanish
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