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Title: Aanàlisi del projecte Tamagad, de l'associació pa i mel
Author: Tintoré Lecha, Berta
Tutor: García García, Beatriz
Keywords: multiculturalism
melting pot
culture diversity
Issue Date: Jan-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The main objective of this investigation is to analyse "Projecte Tamagad" within the various diversity management frameworks and to outline a proposal that improves the analysed reality. In order to achieve the objective, qualitative methodology and data triangulation methods were required, using voice and also written information. The research concludes that the project management is based on an assimilationist model and the consequences are such as the prevalence of one single ruling cultural group and the inequality in terms of cultural expression and recognition of diversity. The proposal for improvements is developed from the intercultural model because, in addition to being the most appropriate one according to the critical theory, is a model difficult to see applied in professional practice, this is actually what makes this investigation so interesting for Social Education and for the professionals working on the project itself.
Language: Catalan
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