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Title: Towards personalization in digital libraries through ontologies
Author: Ferran Ferrer, Núria
Mor Pera, Enric
Minguillón Alfonso, Julià
Keywords: ontologies, digital library, personalization
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Library Management
Citation: Ferran, N.; Mor, E.; Minguillón, J. (2005). "Towards personalization in digital libraries through ontologies". Library Management. Vol. 26 (4), p. 206-217. ISSN: 0143-5124.
Abstract: In this paper we describe a browsing and searching personalization system for digital libraries based on the use of ontologies for describing the relationships between all the elements which take part in a digital library scenario of use. The main goal of this project is to help the users of a digital library to improve their experience of use by means of two complementary strategies: first, by maintaining a complete history record of his or her browsing and searching activities, which is part of a navigational user profile which includes preferences and all the aspects related to community involvement; and second, by reusing all the knowledge which has been extracted from previous usage from other users with similar profiles. This can be accomplished in terms of narrowing and focusing the search results and browsing options through the use of a recommendation system which organizes such results in the most appropriate manner, using ontologies and concepts drawn from the semantic web field. The complete integration of the experience of use of a digital library in the learning process is also pursued. Both the usage and information organization can be also exploited to extract useful knowledge from the way users interact with a digital library, knowledge that can be used to improve several design aspects of the library, ranging from internal organization aspects to human factors and user interfaces. Although this project is still on an early development stage, it is possible to identify all the desired functionalities and requirements that are necessary to fully integrate the use of a digital library in an e-learning environment.
Language: English
ISSN: 0143-5124MIAR
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