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Title: El profesional de la información en la VT e IC de las empresas TIC de Canarias
Author: González Báez, María de los Reyes
Tutor: Hernández-Pérez, Oskar  
Keywords: information professionals
technology watch
competitive intelligence
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Technology watch (TW) and competitive intelligence (CI) are key processes for obtaining competitive advantages, which, although applicable in any sector, are essential in the business sector as they provide them with survival. Businesses are the energy that keeps the engine of the economy running and make the development of territories possible. The ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector in particular, by the very nature of its activity, must undertake both activities: ICT for the dissemination and application of the technologies that are continually appearing on the market, and CI to achieve the competitive advantages that will differentiate them and make them successful. This paper questions whether ICT service companies in the Canary Islands carry out IT and CI, how solid these activities are in their business processes, and to which professionals they entrust information management, an activity that structures from beginning to end the IT process and that marks the path towards CI. A survey was carried out among the study population made up of Canary Islands companies classified in groups 62 and 63 CNAE-2009. The results obtained reinforce the established hypotheses on the low value they give to the VT and the CI, and the lack of knowledge of the information professional and his potential.
Language: Spanish
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