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Title: Tendencias digitales entre marcas, generadores de contenido y la llegada de la Passion Economy: OnlyFans, Patreon y Twitch
Author: Granero Nogueras, Sergio
Tutor: Ferri Jimenez, Elisabet
Keywords: passion economy
content generators
social media
Issue Date: Jan-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The relationship between companies and brands and the channels where they advertise and advertise to make themselves known has always been of mutual interest: brands acquire visibility, notoriety, conversions and/or trust, depending on the strategy, and the channels enrich their position with income from this service. These so-called conventional channels, such as television, radio, press or street furniture, were always the protagonists of this close commercial relationship until the advent of the Internet. In addition to websites, online shopping, CRM programmes and other services offered by the Internet, the social success was due to a series of digital platforms for interacting and communicating in a faster and simpler way that have achieved, in Spain alone, 37 million users, which is equivalent to 80% of the country's population. Due to this success, brands and companies began to maintain a relationship with users with a greater presence on these platforms in order to make themselves known and obtain a new communication channel. The digital sphere is constantly changing due to its social and technological potential. That is why today some of these users, known as influencers, in addition to collaborating with brands and offering them the communication channel they need, have opted to earn their own income without intermediaries or dependence on other companies. This study is a comparative empirical analysis of the relationship of brands with these content creators on these new digital platforms that offer them their own income without depending on brands and thus evaluate the digital trend with regard to these new digital platforms.
Language: Spanish
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