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Title: Off-line evaluation of indoor positioning systems in different scenarios: the experiences from IPIN 2020 competition
Author: Potort, Francesco
Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín  
Quezada Gaibor, Darwin  
Jiménez, Antonio Ramón
Seco, Fernando
Pérez Navarro, Antoni
Ortiz, Miguel  
Zhu, Ni  
Renaudin, Valerie  
Ichikari, Ryosuke  
Shimomura, Ryo  
Gu, Zhining
Yang, Chengjing
Wu, Zhiqian
Xie, Doudou
Huang, Can
Zheng, Lingxiang
Peng, Ao
Jin, Ge
Wang, Qu
Luo, Haiyong
Xiong, Hao
Bao, Linfeng
Zhang, Pushuo
Zhao, Fang
Yu, Chia-An  
Hung, Chung-Hao  
Antsfeld, Leonid
Chidlovskii, Boris
Jiang, Haitao
Xia, Ming
Yan, Dayu
Li, Yuhang
Dong, Yitong
Silva, Ivo  
Pendão, Cristiano  
Meneses, Filipe  
Nicolau, Maria João  
Costa, António  
Moreira, Adriano
De Cock, Cedric  
Plets, David  
Opiela, Miroslav  
Dzama, Jakub
Zhang, Liqiang  
Li, Hu
Chen, Boxuan  
Liu, Yu
Lim, Bo Zhi  
Teo, Wei Jie  
Lee, Bu Sung
OH, HL  
ohta, nozomu  
Nagae, Satsuki  
Kurata, Takeshi  
dongyan, wei  
Ji, Xinchun
Zhang, Wenchao
Kram, Sebastian  
Stahlke, Maximilian  
Mutschler, Christopher  
Crivello, Antonino  
Barsocchi, Paolo  
Palumbo, Filippo  
Chen, Ruizhi
Wu, Yuan
Li, Wei
Yu, Yue
Xu, Shihao
Huang, Lixiong
Liu, Tao
Kuang, Jian
Niu, Xiaoji  
Yoshida, Takuto  
Nagata, Yoshiteru  
Fukushima, Yuto  
Fukatani, Nobuya
Hayashida, Nozomi  
Asai, Yusuke  
Urano, Kenta  
Ge, Wenfei  
Lee, Nien-Ting
Fang, Shih-Hau
Jie, You-Cheng
Young, Shawn-Rong
Chien, Ying-Ren  
Yu, Chih-Chieh
Ma, Chengqi  
Wu, Bang  
Zhang, Wei
Wang, Yankun
Fan, Yonglei  
Poslad, Stefan  
Selviah, David  
Wang, Weixi
Yuan, Hong
Yonamoto, Yoshitomo
Yamaguchi, Masahiro
Kaichi, Tomoya  
Zhou, Baoding
Liu, Xu
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Keywords: indoor positioning and navigation
smartphone-based positioning
foot-mounted IMU
positioning in industrial scenarios and factories
Issue Date: 15-Mar-2022
Publisher: IEEE Sensors Journal
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Abstract: Every year, for ten years now, the IPIN competition has aimed at evaluating real-world indoor localisation systems by testing them in a realistic environment, with realistic movement, using the EvAAL framework. The competition provided a unique overview of the state-of-the-art of systems, technologies, and methods for indoorpositioning andnavigationpurposes.Throughfaircomparison of the performance achieved by each system, the competition was able to identify the most promising approaches and to pinpoint the most critical working conditions. In 2020, the competition included 5 diverse off-site off-site Tracks, each resembling real use cases and challenges for indoor positioning. The results in terms of participation and accuracy of the proposed systems have been encouraging. The best performing competitors obtained a third quartile of error of 1m for the Smartphone Track and 0.5m for the Footmounted IMU Track. While not running on physical systems, but only as algorithms, these results represent impressive achievements
Language: English
ISSN: 1530-437XMIAR
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