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Title: Tiempo y responsabilidad en la constitución de la subjetividad moderna: claves para una discusión genealógica
Other Titles: Time and responsibility in the construction of modern subjectivity: Some keys for a genealogical discussion
Author: Jiménez Alonso, Belén
Citation: Jiménez, B. [Belén]. (2009). Tiempo y responsabilidad en la constitución de la subjetividad moderna: claves para una discusión genealógica. Estudios de Psicología, 30 (2), 187-198.doi: 10.1174/021093909788347136
Abstract: From a genealogical perspective, the focus of this paper is on the problem of "human agent" and its relationship with the new experience of time established by Western culture in the late eighteenth century. This new form of temporality can be detected in the construction of the modern subject, particularly related to the attribution of legal, political and psychological responsibility. Indeed, the main characteristic of the intersection between modern temporality and subjectivity is the emergence of psychological categories specifically designed for the identification of an individual responsibility which is contingent on the activity of human agent. We propose some guiding principles for analysing these problems. Ultimately, the aim is to update the discussion about human agency and the place of contingency in the temporal unfolding of activity, regardless the possible levels of analysis (psychological, historical, biological, etc.).
Keywords: responsibility
modern subjectivity
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Issue Date: Sep-2009
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