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Title: La reforma projectada de la Comissió de Propietat Intel·lectual del Ministeri de Cultura i el «procediment per al restabliment de la legalitat», la instrucció i resolució del qual es vol atribuir a la seva proposada Secció Segona
Author: Ferrándiz Avendaño, Pablo
Keywords: copyright
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Citation: Ferrándiz, Pablo (2010). "La proyectada reforma de la Comisión de Propiedad Intelectual del Ministerio de Cultura y el «procedimiento para el restablecimiento de la legalidad» cuya instrucción y resolución se quiere atribuir a su propuesta Sección Segunda". IDP. revista d'Internet, Dret i Política, 2010, Vol. 0, núm 10
Abstract: The second point of the final regulations in the bill on Sustainable Economy, presented to Parliament by the Government, foresees setting up a new commission on intellectual property under the Ministry of Culture. The commission is to have two branches, the second having the power to evaluate and rule on a new administrative procedure for the "restoration of lawfulness" which could lead to the introduction of measures to limit the provision of information society services. These measures could include blocking Internet access or removing data that violate intellectual property rights, but only if the liable person is operating in order to make direct or indirect profit or has caused or is likely affect the profits of the property owner. These measures would require a court order issued by the Central Court of Administration Litigation (court cases against public administration) of the Spanish High Courts. However, making public administration responsible for settling disputes or conflicts between private individuals on the, strictly private, intellectual property rights, raises a number of questions when regarded in the light of separation of powers as established in article 117 of the Constitution. There is also the question of the neutrality of public administration as the planned reform of the bill does not properly justify that the administration would be acting objectively in favour of the public interest, one of the principles stated in article 103 of the Constitution.
Language: Catalan
ISSN: 1699-8154MIAR
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