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Title: Dancers in the Dark: Scientific Careers According to a Gender-Blind Model of Promotion
Author: González Ramos, Ana M.  
Cabrera Moreno, Esther
Navarrete Cortés, Jose  
Keywords: life course approach
linear and non-linear careers
professional and family milestones
professional achievements
collegiate decisions
career paths
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2015
Publisher: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews
Citation: González, A. M.; Navarrete , J.; Cabrera , E.(2015). "Dancers in the Dark: Scientific Careers According to a Gender-Blind Model of Promotion". Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 40(2), 182-203.
Abstract: The disparity between men and women in science is a hot topic in gender studies and a relevant target of scientific policies. The leaky pipeline metaphor illustrates the decreasing number of women along senior positions in academia; however many questions remain unanswered. What factors progressively diminish the number of women in scientific careers and why do they appear to be less successful than their male colleagues? In order to discover new insight, this work compares men's and women's career paths by taking into account academic and family milestones achieved throughout the life course. An innovative and interdisciplinary methodology (from bibliometrics, statistics, and sociology) has been constructed to examine men's and women's trajectories. Findings display gender differences in scientists' trajectories. The evolution of scientists' careers reveals linear careers for males, whilst women develop non-linear careers. Motherhood emerges as a problem for developing linear careers. And collegiate decisions of gatekeepers seem to systematically disfavour women scientists' careers.
Language: English
ISSN: 0308-0188MIAR
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