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Title: Anàlisi i predicció dels moviments de gentrificació a la ciutat de Paris
Author: Ruiz Solé, Eduard
Tutor: Muñoz Bollas, Anna
Others: Solé-Ribalta, Albert  
Abstract: In recent years, there have been many researchers who have tried to analyze the causes and consequences of urban restructuring policies. Gentrification acts under a slogan that does not hide the goal of turning a city into a marketable space, promoting local economic growth in detriment of fairer and more equitable social laws. This Final Master's Thesis is designed to analyze the causes and effects of gentrification in the city of Paris and its suburbs. The project will be carried out by exploiting data available on open platforms and creating an algorithm in Machine Learning. This will be able to detect new focus, in which a process of urban renewal and a social displacement of people with a lower purchasing power is confirmed. The final product will display the results using an interactive map. It must be remembered that there are many causes that activate a process of gentrification. Although most of the causes see how they are finally supported by the intervention of the state or are immersed in a capitalist flow based on real estate speculation. Therefore, the resolution of this study will consider the past experiences, the present trends, and the future events.
Keywords: gentrification
machine learning
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2021
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